Ons is ongelooflik trots op een van ons oud-Gimmies Daniël du Plessis wat môre op pad is na Tokio om aan die Paralimpiese spele te gaan deelneem. Daniël het 'n merkwaardige storie en deel dit graag met julle:

" When I was 16 years old, I was convinced that God would give me normal legs. Being born with Fibulae Hemimelia, I had abnormal lower limbs, abnormal ankles and only three toes on each foot. Being normal was my greatest desire and hope. Severe pain and not being able to play sport further fueled this desire. And I believed in the God of miracles. In fact, I was so convinced I even told my mother not to shorten my new pair of pajama pants - which we always had to do because my birth defect resulted in only about 60% growth in my lower limbs, so my pants were always too long. And I even had a specific date in mind when it 'would happen' . And then it didn't...and I found myself doubting in this God of miracles.

Twelve years later I am waiting in the blocks to compete at the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Games, something I never in my wildest dreams imagined could come true. I only started my life on prosthetic limbs in 2013 after matric and after hearing God call me to run, I got my first set of blades in Feb 2018. I had no idea how to sprint and how to start form the blocks. And yet today, I'm getting ready to do it at the world's biggest athletics stage.

It seems all things do indeed work together for good to those who love God, according to HIS purpose. And that is what I missed back in high school. Getting normal legs and living a normal life is an easy and comfortable solution. But when things work out for GOOD, it doesn't mean it is going to be easy. It means it is the most significant journey that will impact the lives around you. And often this journey involves the greatest challenges and sacrifices.

So no, it was never about being normal, it was about standing out with prosthetic legs, running with blades and giving glory to God, the God of miracles.

I can't wait to compete and run in the green and gold. I am running to testify of His goodness, and I will run with every ounce of energy and strength in my body and give my outmost best. And it is not just about the gold medal, it's about the golden crown - a crown I can receive because Jesus wore a crown of thorns."

Baie sterkte met die uitdunne vir die 100m wat die 29 Augustus sal plaasvind en die 400m wat die 2de September sal plaasvind. Ons Gimmies staan bankvas agter jou en is saam met jou opgewonde. Mag jou droom bewaarheid word.

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